Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Caution: Midterms and Project Deadlines Ahead

Look to the Library to have the expert help and the best tools to help insure student success

Librarians are information experts.

They know where to look for the facts students need to document and support their papers and speeches. They can recommend and demonstrate the best reference materials. Helping students identify, retrieve, evaluate, and synthesize information is their mission and their passion, and this help is available whenever the library is open, day or night.

The Library has tricks that Google can’t match.

Each year the library invests thousands of dollars in subscriptions to databases that deliver the best, most reliable information to the desktop, whether that’s in the library, or at the student’s home or wireless laptop. There are databases for health and medical information, literary criticism and explication, "hot topics" for argumentation and debate, major news articles, and a broad range of magazines and journals on academic subjects.

Class orientations give everyone an edge.

Librarians are happy to address the particular research and information needs of a class group during their class meeting time, to learn about an assignment from the instructor and share with the class some strategies and sources that are tailored to their immediate needs. There’s an online form that enables faculty to quickly and easily request a library orientation.

Librarians never sleep.

Even when the library’s closed, it’s open! With its "Ask Now" online reference service students can get immediate answers to their questions from a librarian whenever they need them 24/7. Librarians in other U.S. and international time zones participate in this program to give library users service that never stops.

For more information contact: Kim Barclay, Library Department Head

Library Update #62

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