Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trace a Century of America’s Westward Expansion at Your Desktop

Rails connect East and West for the first time. Oil is discovered in Los Angeles. Immigrants come ashore from Japan and China, as former slaves arrive from the South and Latinos arrive from Mexico. Aviation and moviemaking take flight. Los Angeles hosts the Olympic Games—twice. Shipbuilding and citrus growing become major industries. Local companies WhamO and Mattel give birth to the Hula Hoop and Barbie. The city hosts the first Super Bowl. The historical Los Angeles Times (1881-1986) records it all, and it’s all available 24/7 to LBCC students on the library’s online database page.

* Browse complete issues, cover to cover

* Search by keyword, limit by article type (front page, editorial cartoon, classified ad, date or date range)

* View news articles, advertisements, marriage and death announcements just as they originally appeared

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Library Update #69