Monday, July 30, 2007

Where are they?

Many people are asking about the current whereabouts of programs and departments formerly located in Building L. A list of current locations follows:

  • Career and Job Placement Center - Building E (College Center), First Floor
  • Faculty Professional Development - W107 and W104
  • Faculty Resource Center - Trailer TV
  • Instructional Technology Student Center - Trailer TT
  • Learning Assistance Services - Basement of Building E (College Center)
  • Library - Basement of Building E (College Center )
  • Library Media and Periodicals - Trailer TU
  • Multimedia Equipment Services - Building B, Room 103
  • Open Access Computer Lab. - Basement of Building E (College Center)
  • Reading Classrooms - Building B, Rooms 301A and 301B
  • Reading Program - Trailer TS

Note: Trailers TS, TT, TU, and TV are located in the quad in front of (east of) Building L.