Saturday, December 4, 2010

Open Saturday for Class Orientations

LBCC Libraries are Open on Saturday for Class Orientations

Help Insure That Students Learn the Skills for Better Papers and Projects

Students that are information literate—who understand how to identify, retrieve, evaluate, and synthesize information—these are the students who will have an edge when they write papers or present projects. LBCC librarians can recommend the best print and digital sources for the information students are seeking, and can demonstrate how to use them effectively and efficiently.

Already many classes visit both LBCC libraries each week for librarian-presented orientations requested by faculty. But the library wants to remind you that that, in the remaining weeks of this semester, and during the Spring, Saturday orientation requests can be accommodated
and are encouraged. Schedule your Saturday class with a librarian at either campus, or consider inviting students in your weekday class to make arrangements with one another to come in voluntarily in groups on Saturday for a library orientation to earn extra credit.

To schedule a library orientation (or an orientation on a weekday) go to
to complete and submit a request.

For more information contact Kim Barclay, Library Instruction Coordinator,

Library Update #81

New Quiet Study

A Welcoming Environment for Independent Study: Students Ask, the Library Delivers

In any new or remodeled building users and occupants discover things that may not be quite right; there always are tweaks and adjustments that we discover after the construction crew has left. The LAC Library is no exception. Today’s library must be able to accommodate both students that need spaces for collaborative group study and students who need an environment that is conducive to quiet, distraction free study.

LBCC students told us that most of the study areas in the newly remodeled LAC Library were too near service desks, offices, and group study rooms to insure that they could become quiet spaces. Responding to those valid concerns, the library has reconfigured its book shelving and created a new study area designed with that need in mind. As these photos show, it’s a place that’s bright, open, and inviting, but it’s also where one can be reasonably confident that her/his concentration won’t be disturbed.

Visit the LAC Library to see this improvement firsthand, and watch for more “tweaks and adjustments” to make the library even more welcoming for its student and faculty customers.

For more information contact: Dele Ukwu,
Library Department Head