Friday, December 5, 2008

Coming Soon: LAC Library Early Closure & Reopening

The long wait is almost over. The extensive renovation and repurposing of the Building L, the LAC campus Library and Learning Resources complex is reaching completion. In anticipation of this welcome event, the library would like to alert the campus community to the following target dates:

• The LAC Library, currently located in the E-Building (Lower Level) will close for the semester after Saturday, December 13; note that this date is before the end of the fall semester

• Library services at the PCC campus will continue to be available to both LAC and PCC customers regular hours through December 19

• Collections and services will be moved to Building L between December 15-January 9; LAC Library will be closed to the public for this period

• The library’s reopening in the remodeled Building L will coincide with the beginning of the Spring, 2009 semester on Monday, January 12

For more information contact: Dena Laney

Library Update #59