Monday, October 6, 2008

New Building, New Era for PCC Students and Faculty

On September 17 a ceremony that heralded the opening of the new Library and Learning Resource Center at the Pacific Coast Campus made front page news in the Long Beach Press Telegram.

President Eloy Oakley characterized the event as representing “a new beginning for this campus and this college and this community.”

As all of us in the LBCC community take pride in the accolades being showered upon this achievement, let’s consider what the creation of “a true gem of a library” will mean for PCC:

* A huge improvement in the library’s “functionality:”
o Areas for quiet study and collaborative group study
o Better, more logical “flow” between service desks, shelved collections, study areas, and computing facilities
o Improved heating and cooling, attractive new furnishings and flooring

* Study rooms equipped for network connectivity

* A tenfold increase in computer workstations available to support student research in a new Research Center

* Helpful, attentive support staff at service desks and providing technical assistance to Research Center users

* Expert librarian help with identifying, selecting, evaluating, and synthesizing information contained in library print and online resources

* A dramatic new “smart classroom” with tiered seating, hands-on pc access at each seat, and wall-size flat panel presentation screens

For more information contact: Dena Laney, Systems Librarian

Library Update #57