Monday, August 11, 2008

Information Literacy: Today, Student Success Depends on It!

Today’s society is driven by technology and information, challenging our students to become information literate, skilled at identifying, retrieving, evaluating, and synthesizing recorded knowledge in multiple formats and from many sources.

LBBC’s library and its library faculty are dedicated to equipping the campus community with these kinds of skills through

• carefully selected print and virtual information resources
• orientations geared to the needs of particular courses and assignments
• a curriculum of courses designed to nurture and develop information competence.

Library Department Head Kim Barclay would like to tell you more:

She, and other LBCC Library faculty, would welcome the opportunity to talk about these initiatives and respond to questions at meetings of the academic departments. And librarians always are available to present orientations and in-depth seminars for class groups; these sessions are most effective when they are done at “point of need,” when they are related directly to an assignment that the class has been given.

An online form for scheduling an orientation is available at: The library’s course curriculum can be found at:

For more information contact: Kim Barclay

Library Update #55