Friday, October 26, 2007

Need Help with Research… RIGHT NOW ?

The library’s ready when you are.

As they balance work, study, and family responsibilities today’s students often find that there’s no convenient time to go to the library as they prepare for a paper or presentation. An LBCC librarian can provide expert advice about:
  • The best sources of information on a research topic
  • A plan for conducting a search for information, evaluating the information that’s retrieved, and organizing and synthesizing it
  • How to choose and use research databases available through the library website
Great, you say, but my paper’s due Monday, and I don’t get off work Saturday until 5. Not to worry. The library’s got you covered. Just point your browser to the “Ask a Librarian” page. You’ll find five different options there for getting the help you need at any time of the day or night: from e-mail, to live chat, to instant messaging.

Find the answers you need when you need them, thanks to LBCC library.

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Library Update #46

Friday, October 12, 2007

New Content and Features for African-American History Online

The Library’s African-American History Online database has just become a richer, more functional tool for scholarly research. Many new records and powerful features were added, including 70 historical videos, more than 60 new images, 70 new or updated maps, graphs, and tables, plus helpful new search and page options. The introduction of video into the database promises to make the study of history more visual and accessible for all learning levels. The African American Video Gallery includes footage of civil rights protests and marches, as well as historic videos of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. In another sequence, Marian Anderson is seen in performance at the Lincoln Memorial.

New graphic enhancements include a Tuskeegee Airman War Bonds Poster (1943) and data on the proportions of white, black, and Hispanic populations that are incarcerated (2006). And now search results can be sorted into two categories: “Biographies” and “Events and Topics” to make it easier to locate desired citations.

For more information contact: Nenita Buenaventura at

Library Update #45